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Father with foster child in Moldova

New Look – Same Vision

We have a bold vision for children worldwide and are thrilled to share our new brand with you. “We envision a world where every child thrives in a loving family,
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Unlikely Pen Pals

Once a month, a woman in East Texas sends a letter to a little girl in Sri Lanka. The two are separated by oceans, continents, decades, culture and language, but
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South African father

A father’s will to provide

Like most people with HIV/AIDS in South Africa, Shadrack Mvelase receives a disability pension. But it is not enough for a single father raising four children. The Mvelase family lives
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Cathy child sponsor

“No one should be alone.”

May is National Foster Care Month. CERI is part of the global movement to grow foster care around the world. Here’s the story of one mom making a difference for kids at home
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Moldovan children with food

Not an Easy Life, but a Full One

For Daniela, being a single mother comes with the tough decision of what to prioritize: money or food? Both take time—and time is hard to come by between her part-time work
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generosity_Sri Lanka

I gave, Jesus multiplied

Feeding the multitude. Based on John 6:1-13. By Eileen Neave Purkeypile, Director of Marketing & Development Can you imagine being the boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fish? It
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Father’s Change of Heart Changes Girl’s Future

Father’s Change of Heart Changes Girl’s Future

Nakeem*, a Rohingya living in a refugee settlement in India, grew up in a society where men take care of matters outside the home and women are confined to their
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Children advocacy India

CERI works with leaders to protect thousands of orphans

A few weeks ago, while the western world slept, the government of India ordered 250,000 children to be taken out of orphanages and placed in homes with whatever family they
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South Africa_pandemic

South Africa: Where the Pandemic Never Ended

The impacts of COVID-19 on the health and economies of each nation the virus has touched are significant. Yet as members of a shared world, we have found a small
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