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Stories of impact

from around the world
Donna with a child in Sri Lanka

One woman’s impact through generosity

In 1984, Donna Coroiescu and her husband left communist Romania with four small bags and two children who were only a few months old. Donna and her family came to
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Children in Moldova sitting in a cart

Russia Invades Ukraine: Is Moldova Next?

Written by Connie Belciug, PhD The invasion of Ukraine has triggered diplomatic mobilization and a global atmosphere resembling the World Wars. While mankind wonders if this event will lead into
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Grandmother with 2 children in India

A New Era of Community-Based Social Work – Lessons Learned from Impossible Odds

Written by Ian Forber-Pratt A little-known consequence of the pandemic has been government-mandated “rapid return” of children. Children in many residential homes were sent to their relatives or other kin,
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Moldovan foster parents with children

To Love and Learn: Being a Parent in Moldova What do you like about being a parent? The answer is likely to change depending on the day, season, or most recent family vacation. Some days there is no
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Moraru siblings with their foster family.

A second chance at childhood

For years, the Moraru* siblings didn’t have a stable family or a place to call home. Their respective fathers abandoned them, and their mother was unable to care for them
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Renosha, a girl in Sri Lanka

Learning to cope at 15

Renosha* was 15 years old when her mother died. As a young girl living in Sri Lanka, she didn’t know who she would live with next. Her father was still
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Children from South Africa, Amahle and Siyanda,

The Gift of Being Together

Amahle and Siyanda, like many children, find great joy in the simplest things. For Amahle, a 12-year-old girl, it’s playing netball with her team at school. For 8-year-old Siyanda, it’s riding
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Rukhsana with her son

More Than an Education

When girls receive an education, an entire society benefits. But barriers like poverty, teen pregnancy, and child labor may keep about 20 million girls from attending school, according to data
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Father with foster child in Moldova

New Look – Same Vision

We have a bold vision for children worldwide and are thrilled to share our new brand with you. “We envision a world where every child thrives in a loving family,
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