War in Ukraine leaves millions displaced

Child Sponsorship

has the power to change 

Meet children waiting for a sponsor.

 Just $100 a month connects a child with a loving family and provides the support they need to thrive.


* Children’s names and identifying details have been modified to protect their privacy.

Your gift of any size has the power to change lives.

Your Questions Answered

Why sponsor a child?

By becoming a sponsor you change a child's life and make God's love tangible through the care of family. That's one childhood saved!

How is my donation used?

Your donation provides a loving home environment, counseling, life skills training, educational support and a cash stipend.

What role does CERI play?

A CERI social worker supports the child and their caregivers in reaching important goals with the ultimate plan of seeing each child thrive in life.

Sponsoring a child is a life-changing investment you can be confident about.