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Joining forces in India to safeguard children

In India, small groups of elected officials have legal authority in matters of child welfare with the purpose of protecting kids who may face danger. Child Welfare Committees (CWC) exist throughout India and often deal with difficult situations including removing children from harmful homes.
CERI trains professionals in global best practices to ensure quality services are provided to vulnerable kids and families. Training is not just an opportunity, but a turning point. By expanding the skills and knowledge of individuals, we are transforming child welfare systems beginning at the local level and beyond. In the northeastern state of Jharkhand, India, we are equipping newly elected CWC members as they directly impact the trajectories of vulnerable children.
Among the attendees of the training is Dhananjay Tiwari, of the Child Welfare Committee in Chatra, Jharkhand. Dhananjay understands the importance of Child Welfare Committees in safeguarding the welfare of children and was eager to learn effective practices to better serve his community.
The training is led by Devashish Mishra, CERI National Child Protection Consultant. Devashish emphasizes the significance of preserving the family unit in the best interest of the child. He shares valuable insights about new laws in the country that focus on strengthening the connections between children and families through various programs like adoption, individual foster care, and group foster care.
“We can provide children a bright future by offering them a better present,” said Devashish. Connecting children with families is essential to this mission.”
In India, many kids have lost their families or lack a family environment. Out of the 440 million children living in India, about 23 million do not live with parents and require alternative forms of care, including institutionalization.
Throughout the training, participants engage in interactive sessions, discussing case studies and real-life examples, which prove to be invaluable in preparing them for their roles as child protection advocates. Dhananjay is particularly appreciative of the opportunity to exchange ideas and tips with colleagues from different districts, understanding that a united effort is necessary to make a lasting impact.
For Dhananjay and other CWC members, the training is a profound experience, grounding their work in the realities of children in need.

“Only through a collective approach can we solve the many issues children in this country face. In my experience, family is the only place a child can find everything they need to fully explore this life and all its opportunities.”

Dhananjay Tiwari

As they return to their respective districts, Dhananjay and his colleagues carry with them a renewed commitment to their mission. They aim to ensure that every child can reach their full potential in a family setting.
Training government workers and community groups plays a vital role in enhancing the support children and families receive in their community. By equipping individuals with knowledge and skills, you are part of helping community leaders better help vulnerable kids.

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