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CERI Moldova Jungle Safari Day

Updates From The Field: CERI Moldova Summer Camps

CERI Moldova recently finished hosting a Jungle Safari-themed summer Vacation Bible School for the children in the roma community in the village of Vulcănești. The camp featured fun games, art activities for the kids, and plenty of opportunities to learn about Jesus!

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Day Five

Today was the last day of our camp in Vulcănești. We enjoyed some of the same activities as previous days and then had a special program for the parents. We had 4 teams at the camp: tigers, bears, alligators and elephants. Every team had something to prepare for that program. There were more than 40 adults present in the church! The pastor from the local church delivered a speech to motivate parents and their children to come to church. All of the CERI workers from Chișinău participated at this camp, as well as some of the beneficiaries and other volunteers. We are pleased with what God has done, and will do, through CERI. It is hard work to serve this vibrant community, but it is definitely worth it!

Day Four

Today was a day full of surprises at camp. We celebrated a couple of birthdays and had an amazing time with the kids. Their obedience and attachment grows every day and we can already see the change that God has made in them. God willing, we are planning to start several projects with this community and continue to work with them. Please pray for tomorrow, because we will have a special program for parents.

Day Three

Today was the 3rd day of our camp in the Vulcănești community. It is still a new, difficult experience, but at the same time it taught us a lot about the roma culture and how to communicate with roma kids. So far, we have done five home visits where we have seen dramatic variances in the social scale. In this village, there are extremely rich people and extremely poor people, there is almost no middle class. The families were very happy to receive us as guests. We talked to them, prayed together and invited them to the church on Friday, where we will have a program addressed to parents. Kids like this camp. One girl said that she loves the way leaders treat children and their care for them.

Day Two

Today was the second day at Vulcănești camp. Over 60 children attended today. They learned about how God created everything, sang songs, and they all joined in sports and musical activities. Please keep us in your prayers, and pray for the camp and for the minister Petru, who has served in that village for more than eight years. 

Day One

Today was the first day of the Jungle Safari camp in the village of Vulcănești. It was hard, but God provided, and we had a great time. We learned many things about Him and about the cultural context where the camp takes place.      

Mission Trip Preparation

As we are preparing for the Jungle Safari camp in the village of Vulcănești in the Nisporeni district, keep us in your prayers so God would work through us and many kids would hear beautiful things about Jesus. As well, please pray that God would open doors for future missions and trips to the Vulcănești community.

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