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Browse the profiles of the precious children & youth waiting to be sponsored in CERI programs in Moldova and Sri Lanka. 


Ariyathas, 9

Ariyathas' mother passed away from cancer, and her father struggles with depression. Ariyathas is living with her aunt and older sister. However, her aunt struggles to provide her with proper care. A sponsorship will ensure she doesn't go to an orphanage.

Nathurshan, 16
Nathurshan's mom was murdered by his father, whom later attempted suicide. Since then, he has been living with his aunt. Despite her best efforts, she struggles to provide for his basic needs. A CERI sponsorship will help provide him with proper care.
Rodica, 13
Her mother suffers from alcoholism, and she knows nothing of her father. She was taken away by police and placed in a children's shelter. Through sponsorship, CERI can provide her the opportunity to be raised in a loving and nurturing family environment.

Gelu, 13

After being abandoned by his parents, he began to act out in all the children’s centers he was placed in. He is now at a center for people with disabilities, even though he is not disabled. A CERI sponsorship will give him a loving family to help him understand its not his fault.

Sponsor Gelu

Prasanna, 14

Prasanna and her siblings lives her with her older sister and her husband. Despite their best efforts, they struggle to provide for the family's needs and live off of rice. Wtih a CERI sponsorship, Prasanna will be provided proper nutrition and education. 


Sponsor Prasanna

Susil, 10

When Susil's was six, his mother passed away. His father quickly remarried and abandonded him and his two sisters. Susil now lives with his older sister, who does not have the means to provide for his basic needs. A sponsorship will help him continue his education. 


Sponsor Susil


Javanitha, 12

Ravikumar's mom died during childbirth, and her father abandoned her and siblings. Thanfully, her older sister started working to care for them all, she barely makes enough. A CERI sponsorship will provide her with an education and necnecessities in order to succeed.


Sponsor Javanitha


Sujanthini, 15

Sujanthini and her siblings live with their grandmother since their parents abandoned them. Her older sister and brother dropped out of school to help care for the family. A CERI sponsorship would provides educational support to her to help her continue her education.


Sponsor Sujanthini


Fathima, 12

Fathima's parents often fought, and one day when life become too hard, her mother committed suicide. Her father remarried and left her to live with her aunt. However, her aunt makes very little and has several health complications. A sponsorship will ensure a brighter future for her. 


Sponsor Fathima

Elisei, 16

His mother died in a fire, and he does not know his father. He has two older sisters, but they do not contact him at the children’s home where he lives. A CERI sponsorship could provide him with a loving family home that will help him grow into an independent young man.

Sponsor Elisei

*The names and identifying details have been modified to protect the privacy of individuals we serve.