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Message from CERI Executive Director regarding Microloan program in Sri Lanka

Dear Friend of CERI,

Our team at Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI) is working tirelessly to improve the livelihoods of families in crisis on four continents.

In 2011, CERI plans to expand our vital support to the orphans and low-income foster parents in Sri Lanka, who are rebuilding their lives after the protracted civil war.

With your support, CERI’s program will provide microloans to more foster parents and young orphaned adults who will launch small-scale fishing, farming, tailoring, pottery-making, and catering businesses, to name just a few. We are excited to help these families achieve financial self-sufficiency.

In Sri Lanka, a small amount can go a really long way. The loans, ranging from $40 to $80 per person, have helped dozens of Sri Lankan foster parents establish and grow their micro-enterprises, build safer homes to protect their families from the elements, and feed, clothe and educate the children in their care.

Help Sri Lankan orphans by giving a microloan as a gift or adding CERI’s project to your own holiday wish list Ask your family or friends to donate to CERI’s Sri Lanka project as a gift for you this holiday season!

Interested in becoming a long-term supporter of CERI’s Sri Lanka project? Become a monthly donor by making a recurring donation. With each donation, you will receive a report and photos of a grateful child or a family you have helped!

Thank you for your continued support for orphans through CERI’s projects.


Dearing Garner
CERI Executive Director

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