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CERI raises over $7,000 in 5k, half-marathon races

A team of 11 runners recruited by Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI) participated in the annual Woodlands Marathon in The Woodlands, Texas, Saturday, March 4. This energetic team of CERI sponsors, beneficiaries, donors and employees was not simply running for the top spot or to qualify for larger marathons – they ran to raise money to help 12 teenage girls in Sri Lanka finish their education.

In the impoverished, rural Batticaloa district, these Sri Lankan girls live 10 miles away from the closest high school and their families are too poor to have their own transportation. It requires a three-and-a-half hour walk in the mornings and afternoons just to get to and from school. CERI and a group of dedicated CERI supporters sprung into action to help meet the needs of these resilient young women, eager to get a quality education.

Runners in the Woodlands Marathon spread the word about CERI’s work in Sri Lanka for weeks leading up to the race offline and online, using a peer-to-peer fundraising site called Reason2Race. Two CERI runners landed within the top 20 fundraisers in the marathon, netting an extra $250 each for CERI services for the Sri Lankan girls.

Combined, the CERI runners raised over $7,000!

With funds raised from the Woodlands Marathon and individual sponsorships, CERI will enroll all 12 girls into the Transitional Care Program, which helps youth break generational cycles of poverty by equipping them with social and educational skills to achieve their goals. CERI Transitional Care provides educational support, vocational training, housing, counseling, and a monthly stipend to help meet their basic needs.

Visit CERIkids.org/SponsorAChild to find out how YOU can become a sponsor and change the life of a child!

Special thanks to the CERI runners who raced for the cause!

Arthur Harmon, Nadejda Suhinin, Lesley Toops, Angela Mahoney, Emelia Forbau, Cynthia Middleton, Blair Overman, Ruth Foster, Lindy Robertson, Valeria Villasenor and Connie Belciug

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