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CERI Brings on Fresh Talent

This Spring, CERI has five new faces supporting the mission of aiding children and families across the globe. From researching the best ways to help those we serve to creating new ways to engage donors, CERI will be able to reach more audiences with the assistance of our newest members.

Angela Mahoney, Social Media Coordinator

Creating a firm foundation for life starts from the beginning. I believe that poverty can be reduced if we provide a world where children are not only educated, but also raised in a safe, loving environment with inspirational role models. I am so blessed to be able to work with an organization that helps make this a reality for many orphan children.

While studying at the University of the Incarnate Word, I worked with children and volunteered at several organizations. After earning a degree in Interior Environmental Design, I worked in Ethiopia, Alaska, and most recently the Philippines, quickly realizing my passion for humanitarian aid. I previously interned with CERI and am excited to be back helping get the word out about the amazing work we do.

Nagma Bardoi, Marketing Intern

I love to travel. My family tries to take at least one vacation together every year, but if I could visit anywhere in the world today, I would visit Africa. When I’m not travelling, I enjoy going to the movies, learning new languages, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.

I’m currently pursuing a Master of Science in Business from the University of Texas at San Antonio. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Biology and hope to pursue a career in the medical field.

Fernando Campos, Video Production Intern

I’m passionate about films and sports. I have been collecting films as my hobby since I was eighteen, and the Spurs have been my favorite team ever since I was a little boy (I’m a huge fan of basketball).

I’m born and raised in San Antonio.Currently I’m attending the University of the Incarnate Word, studying communication arts with a concentration in media studies. After I graduate, I plan on either going back to school to receive my master’s or going to film school.

Yanelis Castillo, Global Advocacy Intern

As a teenager living in the Dominican Republic, I dreamed of starting a nonprofit organization to support children and families facing poverty and vulnerability to human trafficking. Ever since, I have been striving to support organizations working with vulnerable children and families in the Dominican Republic and Latin America.

Today I am a Master of Social Work candidate at the Brown School of Social Work in St. Louis, Missouri. The focus of my degree is international social and economic development, with a management specialization.

Reading and hearing about CERI’s work, I believe that the time with this organization will provide the opportunity to continue growing professionally and personally. CERI’s mission and work are inspiring to me and I am looking forward to taking part in it. I am here to learn, but I am also here to serve!

Roger Monsivais, Marketing Intern

Since my high-school years, I have carried a strong desire and drive towards my endeavors and goals. There are many people who inspire me, but someone personal who has a strong impact in my life is my father. My father has always taught me to shoot for the stars, along with the motivational motto to never to give up on what you want. It is because of his wise words and actions that I am who I am today.

Currently I am pursuing a degree in Marketing at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I plan to attend law school and hope to one day practice corporate law.

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