War in Ukraine leaves millions displaced
Sri Lanka flood

CERI assists Sri Lankan families affected by floods

BREAKING NEWS: Heavy rains and flooding have affected about one million people in Sri Lanka, and killed 30 people with many others missing. 

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Update from CERI shelter: December 31, 2014

We thank our Almighty for today is a blessed day for us to give valuable service to people who are in need. Every parent was very comfortable to move in with other parents at the shelter. They spent their time talking and relaxing. Children were playing some indoor games and mostly spent time making friends. We provided meals. It seems they are happy to be here with us.  We also visited other homes to assess the damages from the flood. We asked the people what they needed, and listed out items that were damaged. I plan to gather and distribute items the families need next week.

Update: December 29, 2014

CERI Sri Lanka staff have been able to locate and account for all of our foster families and children. All families who lost their homes or whose homes are currently uninhabitable have been picked up by our personnel and are in a shelter provided by CERI.

With the use of high-profile 4-wheel drive vehicles, food and water have been delivered to foster families who were able to stay in their homes but isolated due to  flood waters.

BCFS’ Emergency Management Division had a response team on standby to travel to Sri Lanka had it been necessary, but with the superb job CERI Sri Lanka staff is doing the response team has been ordered to stand down.

In the days ahead, CERI will begin assisting foster families who lost their homes with recovery. BCFS will continue to provide emergency funds as necessary to assist in these efforts. At the peak of the flood event, more than 100,000 people were reportedly evacuated.

“After they reached the shelter we provided lunch to them with immediate action. They ate happily. Lunch made them very emotional because they had not eaten properly since the flood.”      

CERI Sri Lanka National Director, Anita Ramesh

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