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7 “Giving” Gifts your Family Will Love

We’ve gathered a list of our favorite gifts that are sure to bring smiles to your family AND make a difference around the world. Now that’s the best two for one deal!

1. UNICEF Greeting Cards

With every purchase, UNICEF provides lifesaving supplies like polio vaccines, oral rehydration sachets and nourishment packages to children around the world. There are many beautiful designs to choose from!

2. One World Play Project Soccer Balls

When you buy a One World Futbol, 5% of the purchase price is donated to organizations helping disadvantaged communities. Availble colors include blue, orange and green, plus a USA limited edition. These soccer balls are unpoppable, never need a pump and never go flat. It can’t get any better than that!

3. Sevenly Cause Apparel

Sevenly creates fashionable apparel to bring awareness to causes such as autism, food and water relief and education and donates to nonprofits through sales. They have tees, sweatshirts, active ware and so much more. Your fashion-trendy family will love this gift!

4. Rescue Chocolate

100% of the net profits of each chocolate bar are donated to animal rescue organizations around the US. Flavors include peanut butter, mocha, fig and pepper. “The sweetest way to save a life.”

5. TOMS One for One shoes

This iconic giving gift is one of our favorites. These comfortable and stylish shoes are available for men, women and kids. Toms has expanded from giving shoes to giving sight, water, safe birth and bullying prevention services in over 70 countries. In addition to their classic shoe, they have boots, sneakers, espadrilles and much more.

6. Cuddle+Kind Hand-Knit Dolls

We love these adorable plush dolls for girls and boys! Each purchase provides 10 meals to tackle childhood hunger. You’ll have a hard time choosing between Lucy the lamb, Hudson the polar bear, Chealsea the cat and so many more cute options.

7. CERI’s Gift of Family

Give your family the opportunity to experience firsthand the blessing of changing a child’s life around the world. The letters, photos and updates they receive are a great tool to teach children about generosity and helping others. And, by sponsoring a child, you will also give the gift of family to a vulnerable child around the world. The ultimate gift!

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