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Winter Boot Mission Prep is Underway!

When volunteers ventured to an orphanage in the small country of Moldova in 1998, they were shocked to find so many children suffering from frostbite on their hands, toes and noses. Since then, CERI has led annual mission trips to every orphanage in Moldova and Transnistria, putting brand new, warm winter boots and socks on the feet of each child to protect them from the harsh Eastern European winters. CERI prepares year-round for these boot missions, made possible only by CERI’s donors.

Winter Boot Mission 2012 Update

This year’s supply of boots totals more than 7,000 pairs! CERI is excited to announce that, this year, boots are being manufactured in Moldova! The factory workers at Zorile Manufacturing in Moldova are proud that their work and their product will be used to benefit their nation’s most vulnerable and needy population – young orphans. In fact, Zorile Manufacturing is so proud to be a part of CERI’s Winter Boot Mission they are donating extra pairs of boots from their overstocked production. Different styles of boots were designed especially for the recipients of our Winter Boot Mission in an effort to ensure teenagers will receive stylish models they’ll be proud of. Each pair of boots will be made of quality materials such as genuine leather and synthetic fur lining, and will be individually wrapped in keepsake boxes in which the orphans can use to store personal items.

Thank you to our faithful donors who give so generously to make this mission possible.

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