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Vacation Bible School, Vulcanesti 2016

CERI Moldova staff organized a Jungle Safari-themed Vacation Bible School this summer in the Vulcanesti village, Nisporeni region. 

The community stands out for its 95% Roma population, afflicted with skyrocketing unemployment rates and very low school enrollment. Ethnic and gender-based discrimination made Vulcanesti a perfect location for CERI community-focused intervention. Our goal was to introduce ourselves to the community and reach the children with the social services offered by CERI. The relationship between Vulcanesti and CERI began one year ago when two CERI beneficiaries committed to ministering to the village children through the local church. The words of the local pastor, Petru Ciochina, perfectly describe the experience they had over the course of the year: “It is hard to work with Roma, but it’s not impossible.” The pastor was thankful that God had placed him there to minister to the community and to witness the miracle of seeing locals accept Christ.  Download the VBS Vulcanesti Report

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