War in Ukraine leaves millions displaced
Flooded areas

Update on Flooding & Destruction in Sri Lanka

Update from Basil Fonseka, CERI National Director for Southeast Asia

I was in Batticaloa last week and the rains had stopped. Together with the staff, we visited some 35 badly affected children in their homes. We took dry food items, soap, sleeping mats, etc. to distribute as needed.

I collected some children’s dresses from my friends and gave them to our foster families. USAID also was helpful to our children, distributing food to those whose homes were badly damaged — or destroyed — by the floods. I met some Baptists from Colombo, who were there with a truck load of dry foods. I knew one person in the team. They also gave parcels to some of our children. Our children are happy indeed that we were with them in their needy hour. Our staff too was very active in the flood-affected areas, helping every one they could. The USAID office was also flooded and they had to move to another place temporily. I visited them and they were happy about it. Our staff also helped USAID in their rendering of relief.

We saw how the rains have badly affected some small enterprises of our foster parents. Sadly, farming done on a half acre of land was destroyed. In a few cases, chicks, some goats and cows have been washed away and killed. However, our families are hopeful of restarting again.

With God’s grace we were able to give them courage and hope in the midst of danger and loss.

The rains have started again, but thankfully there are no signs of floods. While thanking you, the USA staff, and our American donors for your prayers, please continue to hold our needy children in the presence of our Lord.


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