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Sohani Fernando, LCSW

National Child Protection Consultant – Sri Lanka

Sohani Fernando is a Sri Lankan native and a graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, USA. Her hunger for collaboration and empathy towards others encourage her to continue the journey of advocacy for children in her home country and around the world.  

How It Started:  

Sohani’s faith is her greatest inspiration. She has over 20 years of experience in advocacy and child welfare, including with LEADS Sri Lanka and World Without Orphans.

Why CERI? 

Sohani believes in CERI’s well-rounded approach to helping children through supporting basic needs, strengthening families, working in collaboration with others, and engaging in government. She is passionate about helping at the local level as well as influencing legislation to promote family-based care for all children.

Behind the Scenes: 

Sohani enjoys making creative snacks for her children and having afternoon tea with them. She also loves the outdoors, picnics at the beach, and cricket.

What Protecting Childhood Means: 

“I find myself speaking up on behalf of the vulnerable and defending the rights of the ones in need naturally, especially children.”

Favorite Childhood Memory: 

Some of Sohani’s most vivid memories were the holiday trips she took with extended family. Everyone would wrap lunches in banana leaves and pull over to the side of the road to eat. When they stopped near a river or beach, they would cool off in the water before continuing the journey. Even before arriving to their destination, Sohani says that her family made the most of their time together.

“A child cannot just exist, but must be able to thrive. To protect a child is a sacred calling as children are precious in God’s sight.”


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