War in Ukraine leaves millions displaced

Rukshan BernardLovell

Deputy National Director, CERI Sri Lanka

Rukshan BernardLovell is the Deputy National Director in Sri Lanka and has over 17 years’ experience in various areas of the humanitarian field. He brings his passion and dedication for advocacy work.

How It Started:

Rukshan grew up in a war-torn district, where he experienced tense situations in his life. Thus, driving him to channel his experiences into meaningful action, by working for the International Labour Organization, where his passion began for supporting and advocating for the welfare of children and families. Rukshan has worked in eliminating child labor and with children in areas affected by conflict.


Rukshan was drawn to CERI, through his passion for safeguarding the vulnerable, particularly children and women. He strongly believes God gave him the opportunity to make a true change in children’s lives. Across the globe, countless children are in need of a strong and loving childhood.

Behind the Scenes: 

When at home, Rukshan spends his time playing tennis with his children, and helping make their dreams come true.

What Protecting Childhood Means:

“Safeguarding a child’s right and welcoming their thoughts.”

Favorite Childhood Memory:

“The games I played with my grandmother; cricket matches I played with my father; and the loving dishes my Mum made.”

“Safeguarding a child’s right and welcoming their thoughts.”


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