War in Ukraine leaves millions displaced

Lily Hlophe

National Director – South Africa

How It Started: 

Lily knows that children have immense potential despite the challenges they may face. This is what ignited her desire to become an advocate for children’s rights and well-being. Through her work at CERI, she helps not only children but also families have a safe environment and the opportunity of a bright future.

Why CERI? 

Lily strongly believes in advocating for and providing care to vulnerable children who cannot speak for themselves. In many parts of the world, children face various forms of exploitation and violation, and they often live in difficult circumstances with limited resources and support. Through CERI, she knows that she is creating healthier environments for children to grow up in.

Behind the Scenes: 

In her free time, Lily likes to try new foods, explore nature, and find time to unwind and treasure moments with her family.

What Protecting Childhood Means: 

“Protecting childhood means prioritizing, advocating, and safeguarding the rights of children. No child should have to experience any type of violence or violation.”

Favorite Childhood Memory: 

“My favorite childhood memory is when my mother would buy me new clothes. I would put them on, and feel so excited, and never take them off.”

“My work with CERI has strengthened my passion to help children and their families.”


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