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“Opening Doors for Europe’s Children” Campaign

The Opening Doors for Europe’s Children European campaign has added CERI (Children’s Emergency Relief International) as a new partner in children’s advocacy in Moldova. CERI becomes the campaign’s eighth partner, extending the reach of programs and services that support strengthening families and promote transition from institutional to family- and community-based care for all Moldovan children.

“We have decided to join this campaign because it totally resonates with our activities in Moldova, but also to the values we embrace,” said Ecaterina Babin, National Program Director of CERI Moldova. “We are here to help disadvantaged families overcome their economic and social challenges in order to raise their children in a warm and happy home environment.”

CERI is a faith-based organization dedicated to serving orphaned, oppressed, and abused children around the world who are disproportionately affected by poverty, war, famine, natural disasters, human trafficking and other social scourges. CERI provides services and programs through family and community empowerment and development for a child-friendly society. CERI has operated in Moldova for 16 years, working to place orphans within safe, loving and nurturing family environments, where, along with shelter, clothes and food, they get love, care, and social and interpersonal skills. CERI also helps youth aging out of the child welfare system by helping them pursue education and vocational career paths as they transition into responsible and happy adults. The adolescents receive life skills training and financial support to continue their educations and learn skills through volunteerism.  

“By each new member, our voice becomes stronger and our messages are heard by more people – families, partners, central and local authorities, and donors,” said Liliana Rotaru, President of CCF/HHC (Children, Communities, Families/Health & Homes for Children).

The Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign launched as a pan-European campaign in June 2013. The campaign aims to support national efforts to develop child protection systems that strengthen families and ensure high-quality family and community-based alternative care for children by leveraging EU funding and policy toward building capacity in the civil society. The campaign operates across 15 European countries.

In Moldova, the campaign is coordinated by CCF/HHC Moldova and is supported by the following organizations: the Alliance of NGOs working in the field of child and family social protection (APSCF), Amici Dei Bambini, AVE COPIII, Keystone Human Services International Moldova, Partnerships for Every Child and ‘Speranta’ Resource Centre and CERI.   

Hundreds of thousands of children across Europe are growing up in institutional care. The consequences are devastating for children, families and society. Working with a network of national partners, the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign builds partnerships to advocate for policies and public investment that strengthen families and support the transition from institutional to family- and community-based care. In Moldova, the campaign advocates for the continuation of child protection system reform, development of community- and family- based services, the stoppage of institutionalization of children under 3 years and appropriate funding of social services.

For more details about the campaign, please access http://www.openingdoors.eu/

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