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Expressions of Thankfulness: Moldovan Orphans Giving Back

A group of Moldovan children and youth in CERI’s care recently set out to give back to others in need through partnership with a local church that helps people with disabilities.

The church struggles to have the resources and volunteers necessary to meet all of the needs that come in. With the children’s willingness and dedication, the partnership was a perfect match!

“It was touching to see the children’s enthusiasm for helping those who are also struggling,” said CERI National Director for Moldova, Connie Belciug. “It truly is a gift from God to see beyond personal hardship, and recognize our responsibility to love and serve one another. These children, many who were orphaned because of terrible tragedies, are now serving others because they know God first loved them.”

The group of eight children and youth from CERI’s Quality of Life and Transitional Care programs, together with their case manager, Elena Iaconi, set aside their Saturday to help one family in particular, the Craciun family.

When the group arrived at the Craciun home, Ion Craciun struggled to meet the children at his apartment door, fully relying on his crutches to make the short walk. His smile and his wife’s tears showed their gratefulness to have help.

The group got immediately to work, cleaning the family’s fourth floor apartment from top-to-bottom. The youth even took the garbage, which had been piling up for some time, down the stairs — a task Mr. Cracium could not accomplish without an elevator.

The youth left the family happy, knowing they were able to help in God’s ministry.

“Our CERI youth know there is a great need in helping people with disabilities. The children don’t do it for a reward though, but instead for the love and name of Jesus Christ,” said Belciug.

CERI youth give because they know what it’s like to be given to!

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