War in Ukraine leaves millions displaced

Irina Rotaru

Program Support Specialist, CERI Moldova Irina worked closely with CERI before joining the organization as a staff member. She worked for many years as a translator, interpreting for teams and Christian organizations from all around Moldova, and for American volunteers who traveled to Eastern Europe on CERI mission trips like the Winter Shoe Mission. Her passion for education inspired her to seek formal training at the State University of Moldova, where she earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She honed her skills as an educator as a Sunday School teacher at a church in Chisinau. As a program support specialist, Irina focuses on connecting and assisting all parties involved in CERI’s work, from beneficiaries to sponsors and staff members.

“Working at CERI provides opportunities for learning and sharing knowledge and experience I’ve gathered. I hope to be able to give as much as I receive, and more… for sharing is gaining of sorts.”


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