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Ian Forber-Pratt

Deputy Executive Director

Ian Anand Forber-Pratt makes CERI’s mission a reality, putting complex policies into action tprotect childhood. Ian’s strengths for connection and collaboration make him essential in the long-term work of advocacy and growth at local, national and global levels

How It Started: 

Before joining the CERI team, Ian worked in a number of industries, including social work and foster care, business and marketing consulting, and web production for an international newspaper. He received his Master in Social Work from Washington University. Ian’s background aligned with CERI’s work worldwide, and upon connecting with CERI leadership he was instantly drawn to the company’s mission and dedication to ethical practices.  

Why CERI? 

Born in Kolkata, India, Ian was adopted and raised in the United States. From an early age, he dreamed of giving back to his birth country. He has since remained wholeheartedly dedicated to improving the quality of life for children in India by improving social service systems. 

Behind the Scenes: 

When he’s not advocating for children around the world, you might find Ian riding a motorcycle, playing imaginary games with his two children, competing with his wife in a game of Gin Rummy, or eating his standard breakfast of an omelet and veggie bacon.  

What Protecting Childhood Means: 

“Childhood is a sacred and universal right… For me, protecting childhood is one of the imperative gifts we can give the world.” 

Favorite Childhood Memory:  

“Adventures with my sister Anjali—she uses a wheelchair and is a fierce competitor and adventurer. I fondly remember hoisting her into the trees and the look of dismay on my mother’s face as she looked out our second-floor window. She was face-to-face with Anjali, who was high in the evergreen tree in our backyard.”

“Every child deserves to live in a family setting. Children have the capacity to do great things. They just need a helping hand and to be told they are capable of changing the world.”


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