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Ebenezer Dharshan

National Director – Sri Lanka

Ebenezer Dharshan Vijayaretnam—simply Dharshan to those who know him—leads the CERI team in Sri Lanka in enacting policies and programs that protect childhood and help children thrive. He brings a positive and patient attitude to his advocacy work with the local government on behalf of Sri Lankan children.  

How It Started:

Before joining the team at CERI, Dharshan worked for the National Christian Evangelical Alliance as a Team Leader—and later, Regional Manager—where he managed humanitarian efforts in the Batticaloa District and Eastern province. He worked closely with pastors and churches, with a focus on empowering families led by women and single mothers. Currently, Dharshan is studying to earn his Master’s in Social Work at the National Institute of Social Development and a post-graduate diploma in Child Protection and Child Rights at Colombo University.


Dharshan grew up in a war-torn region of east Sri Lanka, where he experienced countless hardshipsHis father died when he was 12, so Dharshan and his three siblings were raised by their single mother. Since an early age, Dharshan has been passionate about serving children and families as a way of reflecting Christ.  

Behind the Scenes: 

On the weekends, you can find Dharshan spending time with his family, playing with his children, or exploring different cuisines in the kitchen.  

What Protecting Childhood Means:

“Children’s rights are respected, their needs are met, and they’re protected from harm.” 

Favorite Childhood Memory:

“The days I spent playing with my school friends are some of my very best memories.” 

“Working with CERI aids me to reflect Christianity in a multicultural society and makes me feel accomplished in faith and life.”.


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