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Devashish Mishra

National Child Protection Consultant – India

Devashish Mishra brings on-the-ground assistance to CERI’s programs in India through specialized care, policy making, and the implementation of best practices in child protection. His experience in case management and his dedication to solving problems allows him to excel as an advocate for Indian children. 

How It Started:

Devashish has more than a decade of experience in child protection and mass communication. Before his current role at CERI, he worked with a number of national and international NGOs (nonprofits) to develop alternative care programs in India. In all his work, his goal has been to strengthen family-based care for children. He holds a Master’s in Mass Communication with a focus on Development and Community Communication from Makhanlal University in Bhopal, India. 


Devashish was drawn to CERI’s family-centered approach to protecting vulnerable children globally, as well as CERI’s connection to an experienced and educated international team.  

Behind the Scenes:

Devashish is a fitness lover and enjoys visiting the beach, reading, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends.  

What Protecting Childhood Means:

“Ensuring holistic development of all children.”

Favorite Childhood Memory:

“I loved playing cricket as a child with my friends.”

“Above all, the level of integrity is why I love working at CERI.”


We are global child advocates committed to seeing lives changed through the power of family.