War in Ukraine leaves millions displaced

Adela Casapciuc

National Director – Moldova

Adela Casapciuc brings a strategic and compassionate approach to CERI’s work in Moldova as National Director. With her Christian faith as a driving force behind all she does, Adela collaborates with local government authorities to create policies that help children thrive.  

How It Started 

Before working with CERI, Adela served as a school counselor for 6 years, where she trained staff in creating positive relationships in the classroom. Her career with CERI began with her role as case manager, offering counseling and vital social services with a focus on building positive family relationships. Adela holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology from Alecu Russo State University. 

Why CERI? 

Adela believes in the value that CERI programs bring to communities—and the mission remains close to her heart. For her, working at CERI gives her the opportunity to work closely with families at risk, providing valuable resources and support they wouldn’t receive elsewhere.  

Behind the Scenes: 

Adela enjoys cooking, traveling to visit new places, spending time with her family, and creating a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.  

What Protecting Childhood Means: 

“Creating a place of security, where you can return any time and be received and accepted.”  

Favorite Childhood Memory:  

“Activities with my family, games with neighbors, and preparing meals with my grandmother for the holidays.” 

“You can confess Christ through the smallest things you do.”


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