Connie Belciug

Connie Belciug

Job Title: Executive Director

Connie was born in the Republic of Moldova – Eastern Europe – a small, land locked country situated between Romania and Ukraine. Being born in the Soviet Union and raised during Perestroyka and the collapse of the Soviet Empire, poverty and systems of oppression, are first-hands experiences for Connie, just like for the populations she dedicated her life and career to serving.

Early in her career she traveled around the country as a translator, visiting orphanages and witnessing firsthand the social plagues of the country. This experience made her realize that she had a passion for the cause of the poor and the oppressed.

Belciug earned her Bachelor’s degree in foreign languages, and speaks Romanian, Russian, French and German. In 2008, she went back to school to pursue a graduate degree in Social Work. In the same year, she was appointed National Program Director for Children’s Emergency Relief International in Moldova. Five years later, her quest for solutions to the social struggles of her country led her to the UT Austin School of Social Work where she came to pursue her PhD and learn about effective interventions and organizations that serve children, youth and families.

As CERI Executive Director, Connie is tasked to develop new policies and standards for CERI programs worldwide, as well as implement cutting-edge interventions and trainings that would further the CERI mission and positively impact the served nations.

Her passion for CERI children is fueled by her faith in God, and dedication to further the message of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. 

“Connie brings to the table not just a mastery of international affairs and child welfare, but also an unmatched passion and zeal for our work. Without question, she is the right leader for our organization today, leading efforts to fulfill our critical mission of caring for children in need throughout the world, in addition to strategically elevating and growing our organization so that we can reach farther and make a more profound impact in the world.”

Asennet Segura, Executive Vice President/COO of Community, International & Residential Operations