Winter Boot Mission 2012 a Big Success!

CERI mission teams in Eastern Europe served over 6,600 children, youth and adults during the 2012 Winter Boot Mission which just came to a close - thanks to the generosity of CERI donors and volunteers. Teams of nearly 100 volunteers visited over 60 orphanages, foster care, and transitional care centers to deliver warm boots and socks to orphanages and children in need.

Journey Home to a Foreign Land

Jessica Colinger (17) prayed for several years for an opportunity to return to her home country of Moldova. She dreamed of telling the orphans there of the faith and hope she had God, and that He had a plan for their lives. Year after year as Children’s Emergency Relief International’s (CERI) boot mission rolled around, Jessica prayed that her sister, Julyia (16), would go with her.

Update on Flooding & Destruction in Sri Lanka

I was in Batticaloa last week and the rains had stopped. Together with the staff, we visited some 35 badly affected children in their homes. We took dry food items, soap, sleeping mats, etc. to distribute as needed. I collected some children's dresses from my friends and gave them to our foster families. USAID also was helpful to our children, distributing food to those whose homes were badly damaged -- or destroyed -- by the floods.