Javeed Ahamed Looks to the Future

May 9, 2017 --- Javeed is a bright, energetic 20-year-old living in Sri Lanka. Hardships can’t defeat his resilient spirit – even though he has had a painful childhood, he still strives to reach his goals and succeed. Tragically, Javeed never knew his mother; she died giving birth to him. Then, at the early age of 4, he faced another tragedy. His father passed away from complications caused by severe arthritis. With both parents gone, Javeed went to live with his grandmother, Seyamboo.

Philipraj's Story

May 9, 2017 --- Philipraj is a kind and intelligent 21-year-old. He is always ready to give a smile to anyone he encounters. No one would suspect that he has experienced great sorrow in his life. Philipraj is the youngest of three children. 

CERI Celebrates 100 Strong Mothers

April 2, 2017 --- CERI celebrated 100 mothers in India who are raising their children in a healthy way, laying a strong foundation for their entire community. At a unique family-strengthening event, mothers from the urban resettlement slum of Madhanpur Khadar were celebrated. This slum is prone to child trafficking, crime, drug abuse, poverty and unemployment.