A Decade of Delivering Hope

Each winter for the past decade, volunteers from across the country have spent their holiday vacations in Eastern Europe with Houston-based Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI), the overseas division of BCFS, distributing snow boots, thick socks, hats and scarves to orphans. The warm wear protects against painful frostbite that is common during the harsh winter months.

Expressions of Thankfulness: Moldovan Orphans Giving Back

A group of Moldovan children and youth in CERI’s care recently set out to give back to others in need through partnership with a local church that helps people with disabilities. The church struggles to have the resources and volunteers necessary to meet all of the needs that come in. With the children’s willingness and dedication, the partnership was a perfect match!

Sri Lankan young woman aided by CERI bound for college

Many families see it as a milestone when they are able to send their first child to college. The family of caregivers associated with Children’s Emergency Relief International is no exception. CERI established the foster care system in Sri Lanka at the government’s request after a devastating tsunami swept across the island five years ago, leaving thousands of children orphaned.