Kugasaruthy & Satheeska

June 22, 2016 --- The need for the CERI Food Security Program in Sri Lanka has been confirmed again by a newly published report by the Sri Lankan Department of Census and Statistics - “The Spatial Distribution of Poverty in Sri Lanka” depicts the current situation of Sri Lanka’s impoverished population.

Project Ruth Celebrates Four Years of Excellence

June 22, 2016 --- CERI and Project Ruth marked their fourth year in partnership, operating Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Ferentari district in Bucharest. Since 2012, the two organizations have worked to empower the Roma community through counseling, employment and vocational training. In its fourth year, the program exceeded its goals in nearly all of its five service areas!

Food Security Program Nourishes Bodies & Minds

In villages across Sri Lanka, many mothers struggle with the harsh reality that they are unable to provide healthy food for their children to eat. Many are either too poor to put food on the table consistently, or they don’t know what healthy food is and how nutrition impacts the bodies and minds of their growing children. Children who grow up malnourished are more likely to struggle with illnesses and developmental delays, leading to more medical issues as they get older.

A Place to Call Home

“We could survive on biscuits when there was nothing else to eat,” said Mithuja’s grandmother. “CERI cared for us and never left our side. They kept us in a safe place until the flood receded and offered groceries and medicine. They built a shelter for us.”

Healing from the inside out

Cristina was born in Moldova, the youngest sibling of four older brothers. Her mother was addicted to alcohol and became increasingly violent and abusive as her drinking worsened. She brutally beat Cristina, while her father did nothing to protect her. Her father neglected Cristina and her brothers, staying away from home as much as possible to avoid the harsh reality that his family was suffering.