A father's will to provide

A father's will to provide

June 17, 2021

Like most people with HIV/AIDS in South Africa, Shadrack Mvelase receives a disability pension. It is not enough for a single father raising four children.

The Mvelase family lives in Roosboom, a district of Ladysmith, South Africa. Roosboom lies away from the industry of the city, in a more rural part of the country. Shadrack has cared for his whole family – a pair of twins, a child and grandchild – since his wife died in 2010 due to AIDS.

Shadrick with his family (2020).

When we first met Shadrack in 2016, we planted a food gardens in his neighborhood so families could be more self-sustainable and rely less on the government; a compassion not always guaranteed in Shadrack’s part of the world.

We invested in Shadrack and his family so that Shadrack’s children would not need to leave their father and be placed in an orphanage or residential facility. In turn, Shadrack has invested in his children, and works hard in sustaining his family despite the setbacks life has brought him.


CERI also built a new house for the Mvelase family in partnership with Mpilonhle Sanctuary Organisation and continues to help through counseling and health assistance.

Mvelase family's new home (left). Their previous house (right).

Around the world, CERI helps families of all kinds find ways to stay together under the love and leadership of their own kin. CERI has helped families for 20 years in locations like South Africa, India, Moldova and Sri Lanka through the sponsorship of children and the help of local staff who can offer direct care and meet families where they are.

CERI staff visiting Shadrack.

CERI continues to stand by the Mvelase family, but more importantly, Shadrack continues to protect and serve his family by the will and perseverance he finds within himself. Without such a spirit, all that the Mvelase family has achieved would not be possible.

Would you like to help dads like Shadrack who are trying their best to provide for their family?