CERI-India participates in the National Adoption Summit

CERI-India participates in the National Adoption Summit

CERI-India National Program Director Ian Anand Forber Pratt participates in the National Adoption Summit

New Delhi, India – Families of Joy, a Delhi-based organization, hosted the Ministry of Women & Child Development’s Secretary, Smt. Leena Nair, IAS at a National Adoption Summit on Sunday, November 27 at Sanskriti School in New Delhi.

The day-long event included seminars on the government process for potential adoptive parents, social workers in the adoption field and educators. Several workshops on adoptive parent support and counseling featured stories from adoptees, adoptive parents and government officials.

Sh. Deepak Kumar, Secretary of the Central Adoption Resource Authority presented about the online CARINGS system (Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System) and technical information that potential adoptive families should consider when thinking about adoption.

Ian Anand Forber Pratt and children from the Sanskriti School performed a skit for the audience to end the first half of the day. Children in a class mocked an adopted child for not completing his ‘family tree’ assignment. The teacher, played by Ian Anand, explained to the students that ‘family’ means more than just blood or hierarchy, but rather support, love and community.