Mission Trips

Mission Trips

CERI Mission Trips deploy to developing countries to serve impoverished children, youth and families.


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What is a CERI Mission Trip?

  • A time to get closer to God and the real world
    outside your comfort zone
  • A time to reflect and share your reflections
    with other believers
  • A time to explore what you are truly passionate about
  • A time to put God's love into action
  • A time to sharpen your advocacy skills and ideas
  • A time to listen to what God has to tell you
On a CERI Mission Trip, our objectives are two-fold:
  1. Cover physical needs, previously identified by
    indigenous CERI staff or volunteers, in an international location.
  2. Address the spiritual needs of the local population.

CERI volunteers going on Mission Trips can expect CERI to conduct all the background work needed for a well-functioning Mission Trip: