War in Ukraine leaves millions displaced


Position: National Director

Location: Ladysmith, South Africa

Classification: Full-Time

Department: Administration / Finance / Operations

Deadline: June 15, 2023

Reporting to: Executive Director & Deputy Executive Director

Supervises: Program Director, Finance Manager, & Case Managers


  • Higher education in social work, healthcare, or similar field
  • Management experience in social services or healthcare setting
  • Skilled at networking, building alliances, and cultivating partnerships
  • Legislative advocacy skills and experience
  • Understanding of case management and child protection systems

To apply, email your CV and cover letter to ian.forberpratt@ceri.org.

Academic Req: Master’s Degree in Social Work, Business, or a Human relations field.

Work experience: 5+ years of experience working in non-profit, public, or private social services settings in administrative roles; working knowledge of local and international laws and policies regulating child protection; experience in advocacy, fundraising, grant development and compliance with regulatory statutes. Demonstrated ability to initiate and develop new programs and funding.

  1. Monitor and evaluate CERI’s overall country operations and establish quality assurance mechanisms.
  2. Investigate and advise CERI’s headquarters and the South Africa team, regarding governmental stipulations; monitor and follow local legal requirements pertinent to the program.
  3. Lead in-country advocacy efforts to improve and reform the child protection system by sharing global best practices, training, coaching, and networking with governmental and non-governmental agencies.
  4. Research relevant issues and develop ideas and proposals for new legislation, in line with CERI’s global advocacy strategy.
  5. Build relationships with legislators and community leaders to ensure the CERI’s reputation is established and our voice is heard on important issues.
  6. Participate in meetings with legislators to discuss proposed bills, regulatory issues, or other topics pertinent to CERI’s mission.
  7. Create and disseminate educational materials to inform stakeholders about the CERI’s advocacy goals, the issues it addresses, and the impact of its work. This could include policy briefs, fact sheets, and other resources.
  8. Conduct regular capacity building and coaching of peer organizations (governmental and non-governmental agencies) on the topics for which CERI has expertise, experience, and knowledge.
  9. Work with the Marketing and Development team to design and implement strategic communications that promote matters or legislation that align with CERI’s mission.
  10. Manage and ensure the efficient flow and documentation of funding from CERI to its various interests (including the responsible use of the agency’s bank account; the correct distribution of funds, obtaining receipts and the monthly emailing of all receipts to the CERI headquarters).
  11. Ensure that proper documentation is filed with local authorities on time, all local regulations pertaining to activities conducted by CERI (e.g., foster care, humanitarian aid, etc.) are followed, and CERI is in compliance with employment law, fiscal law, and other relevant laws.
  12. Work with affiliated orphanages, towns, churches, schools, and other related entities to identify, establish, support, and monitor the agency objectives.
  13. Supervise and facilitate the program admission and/or discharge processes, and the appropriateness of the applicant families.
  14. Ensure that children’s physical, spiritual, and therapeutic needs are being met and that their basic human rights are being protected and documented.
  15. Meet regularly with staff to discuss children’s progress, provide training, consulting, oversight, and intervention as needed; review plans of service, and ensure the stability and appropriateness of all CERI-funded placements.
  16. Intervene in crisis situations as needed (assisting with a combative child, potential suicide attempts, runaways, angry families, etc.)
  17. Assist staff with issues such as appropriate intake and discharge dates, college preparation services, after-care living skills, after-care employment, etc.
  18. Coordinate the activity and provide for the needs of visiting individuals and/or groups who are sent to the country to conduct mission service, summer camp support, or are chaperoned as V.I.P. partners of CERI.
  19. Collect data and provide periodic reports as requested (including numbers of children receiving specific aid or services, types of aid received, etc., as well as human interest stories which would promote the mission of CERI).
  20. Recruit, onboard, train, and supervise additional staff members, as the budget allows it and with the approval of CERI’s headquarters.
  21. Maintain an amicable, responsive, and appropriate relationship with all program participants, staff, and partners.
  1. Provide regular and consistent supervision of program and staff, via weekly Case Review meetings and monthly Case Audits.
  2. Ensure the agency’s fiscal and employment compliance with local legislation.
  3. Ensure the financial and programmatic reporting requirements are met.
  4. Ensure the needs of clients, staff, partners, and volunteers are met.
  5. Keep track of expenses not to exceed budgeted amounts.
  6. Email CERI headquarters weekly to respond to directives, advise and update on program progress or problems.
  7. Use the agency-approved software to submit all the required reports on time.
  8. Ensure the advocacy and community level deliverables are met on a monthly basis.
  1. Observe and implement all agency policies and procedures, as outlined in the CERI Handbook, and adhere to the agency’s Ethics Code as referenced in the agency personnel policies.
  2. Maintain working telephones at all times and ability to communicate with the supervisor by phone, mail or email in a timely manner.
  3. Participate and assist with in-service trainings, staff meetings, client meetings and foster parent support groups.
  4. Prepare and maintain reports as assigned.
  5. Facilitate and/or supervise appropriate programming, treatment, and discharge planning.
  6. Develop and maintain effective working relationships between personnel and/or other professionals including but not limited to, local public authorities, local churches, volunteers, and other community resources.
  7. Perform all other duties as assigned.
  1. Possess excellent interpersonal, organizational, and planning skills.
  2. The ability to read, write and fluently speak in English and the main languages used in the country of operation.
  3. Experience with advocacy, capacity building, and training.
  4. Readiness for data-driven supervision, focused on monitoring, learning, and evaluation.
  5. Experience with communication tools, including social media, used to further the mission of the organization.
  6. Supportive of the program philosophy, goals and objectives.
  7. Skilled in advocacy and communication on behalf of marginalized populations.
  8. The ability to communicate and problem-solve effectively with children, families, and staff, and network to the agency’s benefit within the community and with a variety of outside organizations.
  9. A desire and ability to work flexible hours and be responsive to staff, children, and families in need of support.
  10. A clear criminal background check, a valid driver’s license and an excellent driving record.
  11. Computer literacy (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, Internet Explorer), compiling files, planning and reporting, and maintaining a database.
  12. The desire and ability to facilitate financial transactions responsibly.