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Ian Anand Forber Pratt lectures FCF-Cambodia

CERI addresses Community of Practice on Fostering and Adoption Conference

June 23, 2017, Phnom Penh, Cambodia — CERI-India National Director Ian Anand Forber Pratt addressed a contingent of stakeholders at the inaugural Community of Practice on Fostering and Adoption Conference. The event was organized by Family Care First Cambodia (FCFC), a global initiative supported by the government of the Kingdom of Cambodia and USAid, the lead U.S. government agency working to end extreme global poverty and enable resilient, democratic societies to realize their potential. FCFC is facilitated by the Global Alliance for Children and Save the Children and its goal is to considerably reduce the number of children growing up outside of safe and nurturing families.

Forber Pratt spoke about India’s foster care and adoption legislation, the need for convergence of child care systems and framed the work with the well-known Diffusion of Innovation theory. The talk aimed to help those working in Cambodia evaluate the work they have done within the FCFC program to date.

The conference was full of interactions and dialogue surrounding Cambodia’s strengths and gaps in the child protection system. Dr. Patricia Fronek, Senior Lecturer at the School of Human Services and Social Work at Australia’s Griffith University and Professor Karen Rotabi, Associate Professor of Social Work at United Arab Emirates University joined Forber Pratt to end the day with a panel discussion on their recommendations to the FCFC team.

Robert Common, Save the Children Senior Child Protection Specialist at Family Care First commented,

“Ian’s presentation on the process of care reform in India has been both informative and interesting. Our community of practitioners looks forward to drawing from these experiences to help us in Cambodia, in particular around fostering and adoption.”

CERI believes in cross-country sharing to inform best-practice child care reform throughout South Asia. Forber Pratt’s presentation was a contribution to the global dialogue surrounding de-institutionalization of children and alternative care.

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