Kaynat Salmani

Kaynat Salmani

Job Title: Child Protection Consultant 

Kaynat Salmani completed her Masters in Social Work from Indira Gandhi National Open University in New Delhi. She is passionate about community development and family based care for the most vulnerable populations in our world.

Prior to her work at CERI, she interned for the Center of Excellence in Alternative Care in India. One year ago, she joined CERI as a Child Protection Consultant in India. She currently leads CERI’s community education and family strengthening services to Rohingya refugee children and families.

Kaynat, herself, grew up in an urban resettlement slum area and through the struggle and belief of her family, was able to get a masters level education and become a professional in the social work field. She wishes to give this gift to others by empowering them to see the value of progress.

“I live my life to help people who need care and protection. My work makes me proud and I feel my work defines me. I believe that we need to help people help themselves; empowering people to stand on their own two feet is my goal. I am guided by my faith in God.” --- Kaynat