The History of the Shoe Mission

The History of the Shoe Mission


Why Moldova?

Affected by poverty, corruption, and massive migration, Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. For the last 17 years, CERI has been a partner to Moldova’s Government in providing winter boots and socks to every child living in residential care or the foster care system. Moldovan winters are harsh, with temperatures routinely falling under zero degrees Fahrenheit. Heavy snowfall, ice storms, and severe wind are the weather conditions from December to February.

What it Means to the Children

Owning a good pair of winter boots means to be able to go to school when it snows. It means to be able to play outdoors when it is cold. It means to be able to go to the grocery store when it rains. It means to have the freedom to do things and not being afraid of the winter, not being ashamed of your shoes, not being scared of frostbite and not being hesitant to face the brutal cold! A good pair of winter boots help children feel good about themselves, play more with friends, go to school, learn and laugh. A good pair of winter boots seems like a small gift, but it has the power to change someone’s life for the better.

A Letter from
Dr. Dearing Garner

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The First Shoe Mission

CERI gives orphans in Moldova warm and functional boots. Read More

Faith, Sacrifice and Love 

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Touching the lives of many Orphans

Hundreds of volunteers, hundreds of donors, and thousands of children. Read More

A Life-Changing Event

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Eager to Serve? 

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Today's Mission 

We like to thank all of our sponsors and donors who made the 2017 Shoe Mission such a success. We cannot wait for 2018! Stay tune! See More Pictures