Learn About the Shoe Mission!

Learn About the Shoe Mission!


Why Ukraine?

Ukraine is a large developing country in Eastern Europe, with a population of over 42 million people. In 2014, the country’s economic situation worsened to the second lowest GDP per capita in Europe due to political and economic tensions. Ukraine’s high poverty rate affects children and families most, placing them at risk for separation and child institutionalization. Ukraine’s orphanages are home to over 100,000 children who either lost their parents or became separated due to war, abuse or extreme poverty.

CERI’s 2018 Shoe Mission is the second mission to serve Ukraine’s children living in institutions, and the first mission to the regions of Odessa and Kherson. In partnership with two local nonprofit organizations, CERI volunteers will place 5,000 pairs of winter boots and socks on the feet of institutionalized children, offering them protection against winter. Eastern European winters are harsh, with temperatures routinely falling below zero. Heavy snowfall, ice storms, and severe wind are common weather conditions from December to February.

What it Means to the Children

Owning a good pair of winter boots means to be able to go to school when it snows, play outdoors when it is cold, and buy groceries when it rains. It means to have the freedom to do things.  A good pair of winter boots help children feel good about themselves, have courage to face the winter, play more with friends, go to school, learn and laugh. A good pair of winter boots seems like a small gift, but it has the power to change someone’s life for the better.

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